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Finding the senior living community for yourself or an aging loved one can be an exhausting experience. Most just focus on the care, costs, and the community environment. At Sunshine Placement Services however, we go further by understanding the personalities, loves and needs of our clients (or your loved ones) to truly ensure that they are safe and happy.

Here are a some stories that illustrate how we work:


Many of the clients we help suffer from Alzheimer and Dementia. Mary needed a senior living community to increase her care due to Dementia. Until she started to really be impacted by Dementia, Mary loved to host parties, events and have people in her home. This was her happy place. While her condition prevented her from hosting parties from her home, she wasn't out of luck. At Sunshine Placement Services, we found a local safe, quality memory care community that also had a larger than usual room to live in. This extra space allowed her to host her own events and visits in her room with her many friends and relatives. It was the perfect fit for Mary to have a happy life. She is now able to receive the care she needs, while also living the life she desires - being able to entertain others. 


When Sam was being discharged from a skilled nursing facility he was in a wheel chair, only 62 years old and a long-time smoker.  Although he was independent, he still needed his cleaning, meal preparation, laundry and socialization.  Sam also didn't have a very large income and no savings or property. There are very few affordable communities that have all the amenities he needed and also allowed him to easily smoke outside.  The discharge social worker said it was too difficult find a solution, but with our help, we found a place where Sam could have all the services, was able to socialize and could easily wheel himself outside to smoke whenever he wanted to. His entire demeanor changed from being depressed to happy and flourishing.


John's dementia became too much for his family to handle when he was discharged from a skilled nursing facility, so they contacted Sunshine Placement Services. John had spent most of his adult life as a Pastor, caring for and guiding his flock. No longer able to function in the same way, John became depressed with lack of purpose. In our quest to find John the right location, we knew of a dementia community that had a great room where everyone gathered all day long. It was perfect for John, who was still able to be very social and feel as if he was again among his flock.


Though Betsy’s renal failure got so advanced that she couldn’t live safely at home any longer, her biggest concern was that her little dog still had to live with her.  After much looking for a first-floor room with a patio and a nearby walking path, we found a lovely assisted living community nearby.  She was very happy with the daily care, food and entertainment that she had, but her biggest joy was the ability to play with her dog outside on the leash or going for a nice safe walk on the community's grounds.


These are just a few stories, but they exemplify the impact of the right placement makes on the quality of life. Happiness and purpose are crucial. With care, patience, personal and professional experience and expertise, we will help you find the best senior home for you or your loved one.

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